Vortex is a bakugan. He is the gaurdian of Ultimapyrus. He is a crimson bakugan, which are twice as powerful as any normal pyrus bakugan. He has qualities of the ventus attribute, for unknown reasons.


lame Vortex: (hurls 2 fire tornadoes at opponent) -300 from opponent

Lava Swamp: (ground beneath cracks to reveal pooling lava) -100 from opponent and prevents opponent from moving

Hot Current: (burst of hot air smashes through opponent last attack) nullifies opponent's last ability

Swirling Gauntlet: (miniature volcanoes appear and erupt, spewing magma and ash all over) -100 from opponent and cloaks Vortex from opponent

Blistering Field: (Vortex creates wall of flame that absorbs opponents attack) Regenerates health equal to opponents attack damage

Heavy Pressure: (atmospheric pressure of battlefield raises significantly, crushing opponents) -50 from each opponent for each bakugan in the battlefield. Nullifies opponent's gate

Comet Tail: (Comet shower approaches and lights up the battlefield) -500 from opponent

Pyreezian AbilitiesEdit

Smoke Blaze: (Vortex creates several decoys of himself, which confuse opponent and slow their actions) +300 to Vortex, rest of Vortex's attacks deal 100 more while ability is active

Molten Chamber: (Craters emerge spewing magma on battlefield. Vortex swims in magma, making it almost impossible for him to be attacked) -300 to opponent and +300 to Vortex

Flickering Candle: (creates storms that create gusts of wind that repel opponents attacks and prevent them from advancing) -500 from each opponent and prevents opponent from playing any abilities

Super Nova: (Vortex bursts in flames, and continues to grow in size until energy is released in huge hot gas clouds) +800 to Vortex

Burning Reflection: (Vortex summons a giant wall of burning rocks that prevent any attack from passing) -200 from opponent and repels last attack back to opponent

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