This is a list of all games played on RTW/IRC/etc.

"Letter Switcharoo"Edit

This game is played by starting with the name of one Bakugan and changing it to another, one letter at a time. The object of the game is to guess what Bakugan name the speller is going to say before they finish switching letters. This game can have any number of players over 2. It's no fun to play by yourself. :(









"King of the Hill"Edit

Alpha can write this.


Quest is a game with two players: A Game Ruler, and an ordinary player. Only a Game Master or an Administrator can play as the Game Ruler. The Game Ruler sets a scene for the ordinary player to navigate through. (City, Desert, etc.) He/she then gives them a predicament to work through so that the ordinary player can move on. (Example: You fall into a pit full of pythons. Do you try to climb the walls, or stay and fight the pythons?) If the player chooses the better answer, they may move on to the next part of the scene. If they choose the worse answer, they are either moved back a stage or killed, depending on the Game Ruler. In other words, the Game Ruler controls the player's fate.


"You trip over a curb and knock an old lady's purse out of her hands. Do you help her, or run?"

"I pick up the purse."



A game that was created and named after the anime Umineko no Naku Koro ni. It starts where only one person on an IRC channel has an Op, and then he or she "kills" a person of their choice by kicking them, with the reason of the kick being some form of bloody death. Once the person kicked gets back, they get Op and get the next "kill". This continues until there is one person left, whom is considered the game master for the next round.


Trollbot is a game where one user plays as the Trollbot, which is a super computer, and the other user(s) have to figure out the Trollbot's weakness. There are 7 Trollbots in all, and each one has a different weakness, and is stronger than the one before. The Trollbots are Trollbot, Trollbot 2.0., Trollbot 3.0., Trollbot 4.0., Trollbot 5.0., Trollbot 6.0., and the Ultimate Trollbot. This game requires 2 or more users to play, and the Trollbot always has to be a Chat Mod.

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