TwinStar's Personal Rules.

  1. Do not F*#k with TwinStar.
  2. Do not F*#k with ZeroQ .
  3. Do not F*#k with almost every User whose Nickname sounds like it's from space or a Asylum.
  4. F*#k Justin Bieber.
  5. Be Nice.
  6. Like Multiple Music styles.
  7. Hate Bakugan just because you like it just because you hate it just because you like it just because you hate it just because...
  8. Believe in INFINITY.
  9. Annoy whoever's annoying you.
  10. Annoy yourself.
  11. Have Multiple Thoughts.
  12. Be Fair.
  13. Be Unfair.
  14. Hate Sequels.
  15. Hate even Sequels that you like.
  16. Hate SM.
  17. Russia created Rap.
  18. ????
  19. PROFIT.
  20. Hate Pyrus.
  21. Hate Protagonists that are victorious more han 80% of their Screentime.
  22. Turn Rules of the Others against them.
  23. Do not annoy me.
  24. What a Great White Candle.
  25. What a White and Great Candle.
  26. Great and White, the Candle is.
  27. White because of it's Wax and Great because of it's Light.
  28. A Great Candle.
  29. A White Candle.
  30. A White and Great Candle.
  31. A Great White Candle.
  32. What a Great White Candle.
  33. Great White Candle.
  34. That's why you should not annoy me.
  35. If i'm a Win, People start copying me. If i'm a Fail, people Ignore me. What to do? Hate, and wait.
  36. I never Fail.
  37. Even if i do, Rule 39.
  38. Rule 22 is always enabled. Live with it.
  39. Every Day is Opposite Day.
  40. Rule 39 is never enabled.
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