Shade is a Darkus Stealth Coredem that is used by AOH. He is known as the evil sibling in the Demonis Triplets.



Demonis Driver: Subtracts 500 from the opponent.

Demonis Sledge: Destroys the gate.

Demonis Rip-current: The opponent may only have one Bakugan out.

Demonis Drop: Subtracts 300 from the opponent.

Demonis Timer: The opponent loses 50 Gs for every ability they use for the rest of the gate.


Demonis Pulse: BakuNano and Gear can't be played at this gate.

Demonis Grinder: The opponent can't use Gear, Mobile Assaults, Nano, or Mechtogan on this gate.

Demonis Grenade: The opponent loses 500 Gs.

As Demonis ShadeEdit

Deltra Demonis: You gain 700 Gs.

Demonis Curse: You gain 50 Gs for every ability played so far, and you may evolve into Cursed Demonis Shade.

As Cursed Demonis ShadeEdit

Darkened Soul Collapse: The opponent's Gs are halved.

Demonis Killer: Your G-power doubles.

Demonis Nuke: The gate is destroyed and the opponent loses 1000 Gs, while you lose 100.

As Cursed Deity Demonis ShadeEdit

Demonis Godsmack: The opponent loses all Nano for this brawl in exchange for 1000 Gs.

Demonis Hellfire: (requires a BakuNano) You gain 500 Gs, and you opponent loses 250 Gs.


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