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  • "Noobie is what I call stupid. Newbie is just new"


  • "It's because I am just that awesome." (when someone asks why something happened)
  • "... cuz I can/could/wanted to" (When someone asks why I did something)
  • "I DO NOT SMOKE POT! I smoke WEED. There is a difference". (when Z asked if he smoked pot)
  • "I like music that makes me scream and then screams BACK." (When people ask his choice of music)
  • "In my defense ... I have no defense." (when being bashed for something totally true)
  • "Keep your head high and your middle finger higher" -
  • "Well, I guess you are Beatrice ... I mean Queenie's problem. NAH, I totally mean Beatrice." Telling Strategizer about Queenie on the IRC
  • "Beatrice is an immortal witch that can kill at will and will give you all the gold and riches in the world for your soul. The only difference is that Queenie is cheap and promises Silver." Talking to Strategizer.


  • "You have angered the hydra!" (When Bendo is angered)
  • "That's nice." (When someone says something crazy on the IRC)
  • "Uber face of palmness." (When someone says something that Bendo finds idiotic)
  • "Yippee kai ay!" (When Bendo is very happy about something)
  • "I'M WIPING OUT YOUR GUYS WITH MY NINJA TRAIN!" (When Bendo is feeling random)
  • "Nobody caaaaaaaaaaaaaaares. Or do they? Tune in next time to find out!" (When someone says something that Bendo doesn't really think is that cool)



  • HESTLE IS HESTLE. THAT'S ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW. (on IRC arguing with FSB who Hestle was)
  • Taylean: F*CK GREEN. Blue is the TRUE color of the Ninja.



  • "Case Closed."/"End of discussion." (After presenting a counter-argument that more or less pwns the other person)
  • "Me. Any questions?" (To DM about Ji's return)
  • "I never read it because it was BORING."
  • "Everybody dies. The end." (When talking about Umineko)
  • "You just got Bendowned!" (One day, after watching an Uuumineko parody, decided to do it on Bendo)


Ji RobinsonEdit


  • "Guess Who?" (as X)
  • "No Sarcasm." (when serious)


  • "It's me!! I win! You lose! (Laughs) (Says it whatever Winx wins)
  • "Say hello to goodbye!" (When Winx is about to kill someone in a video game/RP/Anywhere)


  • "Aren't we all insane...from one's creation to their doomsday and demise?" (Crimson after someone said their insane)

Darkus CerberusEdit


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