These are the different things that can count as God Modding. If these are seen on the IRC, the punishment can be from De-oping to a kick, and if seen on RTW, the punishment could be up to a 1 hour block and the comments in question being deleted.

Normal BakuganEdit

  • No saying "MISS", or anything related for every single attack. Some attacks must hit, and deal some sort of damage.
  • All Bakugan have several weaknesses, and when one is hit, IT IS HIT, and deals damage.
  • You can't uses "Revert", "Reverse", or "Blowback" abilities against everything that comes at you.

Bakugan with PowersEdit

Bakugan with powers can't use their powers just say you get hit and lose.



  • No "Immortal" armor as seen in Anime, armor must be LOWERED to a Bakugan's armor.
    • One exception is that if it's the same Bakugan type. (like Mechtogan VS Mechtogan)
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