Winguard is an evolution of Strikeflier and has a wing-span of 500 feet. Even though Winguard doesn't have as much strength as most Bakugan, Winguard defeats most Bakugan with Agility.


Winguard has a stomach made of steel and has a very powerful wind attack. Winguard can change attributes because of the power that is inside of Winguard. Winguards wings are long and hard at some points. Winguard can absorb attacks and then reverse the effect and take weak damage when doing this.

Moves (Ventus)Edit

Trench Typhoon: Subtracts 900 G. (Attack)

Wind Break: Adds 100 G to Winguards. (Defense)

Reverse Effect V: Reverses opponents attack. While this is in effect, Winguard losses 300 G. (Command)

Wind Red: Adds 1000 G to Winguard and Winguard gets to use Pyrus Abilities.

Wind Blue: Adds 1000 G to Winguard and Winguard gets to use Aquos Abilities.

Wind Black: Adds 1000 G to Winguard and Winguard gets to use Darkus Abilities.

Wind Bright: Nulifies opponents ability and adds 500 G to Winguard and Winguard now can use Haos abilities.

Wind Earth: Subtracts 600 G from opponent and Winguard can Use Subterra Abilities now.

Moves (Pyrus)Edit

Fire Trench: Nulifies opponents ability.

Freak fire: Subtacts 800 G from opponent.

Psychotic Fire Storm: This attack is repitetive and opponent losses 100 G for every time they attack.

Breaking Habbit: Adds 400 G to Winguard.

Dark Settle: Subtracts 800 G from the opponent and Winguard changes to the attribute Darkus.

Moves (Darkus)Edit

Dark Mist: Subtracts 500 G from the opponent.

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